With SB Value, you won’t change what you buy;

you’ll just buy it at a better price.

SB Value was founded by legendary NASCAR promoter, Humpy Wheeler. Humpy is credited with helping make NASCAR a national sport. Along they way he earned a place in nine Halls of Fame, was the voice of Tex in the hit movie Cars and created one of the largest spectator events in the country with 167,000 fans.

HumpyUpon retirement Humpy decide to unite the 1,000 grassroots tracks across the country whose attendance is larger than the NFL, NBA, NHL and NASCAR combined! Humpy’s vision was to unite the tracks so they could use their combined leverage to buy things cheaper. He created SB Value to bring foodservice savings to these tracks.  The program was so well received by these tracks we expanded into the greater world of sports, entertainment and hospitality.

SB Value is a collaboration of 100,000+ companies and $45 billion in leveraged buying. We use this leverage to negotiate directly with the manufacturers and distributors to help you lower your costs on virtually everything you buy in your kitchen including fresh meat, produce, condiments, raw ingredients, equipment, chemicals and paper products. 100,000 companies working together are able to achieve better prices than any single company working alone.

Historically our clients have realized from 6% to as much as 28% annual cost savings. Unlike some other purchasing programs, our program allows you complete flexibility in your purchasing decisions. This won’t change what you buy; you’ll just buy it at a better price.


SB Value Program Benefits Include:

  • Lower foodservice costs
  • A team negotiating on your behalf so you don’t have to. This insures you get the best price and quality every time you buy
  • No cost to join, no long term contracts
  • 100% flexibility to buy what you want, when you want

Contact Todd today to see what your savings will be: todd@wegrowvalue.com.