Tariffs and How They Could Affect your Food Prices

One topic we’ve all been hearing about over the past few months is tariffs.  Everyone seems to be trying to figure out exactly how the changes to American tariffs will impact the price we pay for items important to our business and personal lives. Earlier this year newly announced increases to tariffs on imported goods has sparked talk of trade wars and an exchange of rhetoric from the US and its trade partners.  Although we’re still early in tariff talks there are a number of theories of how they will impact us, many of which are conflicting or the headline doesn’t tell the whole story. 

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How to Market your Small Business When You Hate Social Media

You really can’t escape social media.  And, it seems like everyone is telling you that you should ‘be on Facebook’, ‘get an Instagram page’ and be ‘tweeting’ 5 times a day. But what if you personally aren’t on social media, or like many…just don’t like it or simply don’t have the time to be on it?

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SB Value Will Provide 2019 ICAEF Scholarship

SB Value is pleased to announce its first ICAEF (International Caterers Association Educational Foundation) Scholarship. The Foundation makes it possible for qualified individuals including owners, managers and employees of ICA Member firms, to attend designated educational conferences in connection with the International Caterers Association.

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Creativity Can Take you Everywhere

“Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ”

— Winston Churchill

…and finding success from the ashes of failure is all about tenacious creativity. I’ve seen it do some amazing things in my career.

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