We've got friends in high places...

It’s a no-brainer. we’re saving 19%
— Meryl Snow

It's really a simple idea...

SB Value is a collaboration of 16,500 companies and $5 billion in leveraged buying. We use this leverage to get our clients better pricing on what they already buy.

In order to gain additional purchasing power SB Value has partnered with Premier (a Group Purchasing Organization that primarily provides purchasing services to the healthcare and college/university markets) with a specialized focus of marketing the Premier group purchasing portfolio to commercial foodservice operators.

Premier has $65 Billion in annualized purchasing volume and their portfolio of food manufacturers and service providers complimented our portfolio.  Premier offers national contracting of over 300+ foodservice agreements – CMA’s, supplier interface and support, supplier promotions, culinary support, and tools to help operators succeed.  We made a decision to combine our collective strengths for the benefit of you, our valued customers.

We negotiate directly with the manufacturers and distributors to help you lower your costs on virtually everything you buy in your kitchen including fresh meat, produce, condiments, raw ingredients, equipment, chemicals and paper products. 16,500 companies working together are able to achieve better prices than any single company working alone. 

Order like you order now and get the same product delivered to your door but spend less. Think about how much you’d save if you had a dedicated team working 24/7 to get you better prices with a $5 billion spend?

Historically our clients have realized, on average, 16% savings. Unlike some other purchasing programs our program allows you complete flexibility in your purchasing decisions.  This won’t change what you buy; you’ll just buy it at a better price. 

Our revenue comes from the manufacturers for bringing them so much volume.  We are paid from whatever vendor you choose so we have no bias in helping you choose the right product for your company.

SB Value Program Benefits Include:

  • Lower food service costs

  • We negotiate directly with all the manufacturers so you get the best price every time you buy. This frees you up to focus on other parts of your business

  • No cost to join, no long term contracts

  • 100% flexibility to buy what you want, when you want

This video shows how you can join and become the BIG fish!

Trip Wheeler

Trip Wheeler

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clint elkins