Joining the SB Value / Premier program has been a great decision. Not only do I have support from US Foods but from the whole team at SB Value and Premier as well.
— Anthony Barr, Executive Chef & Owner - Above & Beyond Catering

“Shocked and ecstatic!”

When we found out our food cost savings were an 18% savings, we were shocked and ecstatic! It was a no-brainer to utilize the SB Value program with the ease of set up and nothing changing with our ordering process. We highly recommend SB Value and their commitment to the food service industry.

Tiffany Avila, CEO – The Hometown Chef Catering – Houston, TX, NACE Member

We love the program and the online ordering is super easy.
— Jake Todhunter - Chef Penelope Catering

“Given us the advantage...”

This program has given us an advantage over our competition.

 — Neil Green, Owner – All Occasions Catering - Knoxville, TN

"Partnering with SB Value has been the single most effective thing we've done in years.  It has helped us drop our food cost while maintaining our quality standards."

Megan Palmer Rivera, Owner – Palmers Darien Catering - Darien, CT


“Instant savings.”


It is instant savings from the time you sign up, no hidden costs, no smoke and mirrors.

Adam Gooch, Corporate Executive Chef - Common Plea Catering – Pittsburgh, PA



It's a no-brainer, folks!

Meryl Snow,  Catering and Special Event Speaker and Consultant

We’ve been with SB Value now for a year. Great program, awesome customer service, still can order from my specialty vendors so not locked in, definite cost savings. You really have nothing to definitely should try it!
— Robin S.

“Stellar, professional service.”


Great prices don’t mean much without great customer service. Now we’ve got BOTH! (And yes, it’s pretty delicious)

Robin Selden, Managing Partner and Executive Chef – Marcia Selden Catering & Events – Stamford, CT

SB Value has helped us save with US Foods and helped cut our Cintas bill in half.

-Serge Krikorian, Vibrant Occasions Catering

Have recommended the SB Value program to several clients. Those that jumped on are seeing an average of 15% saving+/-. The service is great, the supplier(s) the same.
— Roy P.

“...savings quickly...”


SB Value is the real deal! You'll see significant results and savings quickly with their solid team of professionals.

Kate Patay, Patay Consulting

I was at the point where you feel helpless to get answers but the guys at SB Value, Trip Wheeler and Todd Adams, make it not so. Knowing I have a team outside working on my side takes the edge off.
— Carl C.