Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a small fish? Learn more about how the SB Value program will help YOUR SMALL BUSINESS save.


Do I have flexibility with the products I choose?

–Yes. This won’t change what you buy; you’ll just buy it at a better price.

Do certain products have more aggressive price points?

–Yes. In each category you will find items that have contracted pricing from the manufacturer. These items maximize the potential of the program. You are free to choose whatever product will work for you.

Am I locked into a long term contract?


What are your payment terms?

–Terms can be established based on your credit history. Credit card and C.O.D. payments are also available.  It is completely up to you.

What is the minimum order size?

–A modest $350 dollars per drop.

In which categories can I save money?

–  Fresh meats and produce, shelf stable items, cleaning supplies, paper products…anything you can think of that is in your kitchen

Is there a fee to SB Value?

–No, never.

Do companies of all sizes benefit?

–Yes, no matter how big or small each company gets the same benefits. 16,500 companies buying together get far better pricing than any single company buying alone.

How does SB Value get such good pricing and service?

–It’s a simple idea but a huge one.  If you spent $5 billion on your foodservice spend you would get way better prices than you do now because you’d be one of the largest accounts in the country.  With 16,500 members working tougher we have billions in leverage.  We use this leverage to do what you would do…we take this leverage to the manufacturers and get the price you would get with this much leverage and pass the savings on to you.  It’s that simple.

What products are covered?

–Virtually anything you can think of in your kitchen including protein, vegetables, shelf-stable, chemicals, equipment, paper products, uniforms and linen’s, to name a few.

How do I order?

–You order like you order now – you have access to a state of the art online portal or you can call your wonderful local representative.

How does SB Value make money?

–We get paid from the savings we create.  If we can negotiate 30% off the price we take a small percentage and give the rest to our members.  And the numbers are 100% transparent.  If you want to know who is getting paid what we are happy to show you everything. 

What’s the catch?

–There isn't one.  You’d get a better price now if you had billions in spending leverage. That’s all this is - a lot of companies like yours working together to create the leverage of a massive company while allowing each member to operate with 100% flexibility and 100% independence.

I have recommended the SB Value program to several clients. Those that jumped on are seeing an average of 15% saving+/-.
— -Roy P.