Caterers, save $24,000* on food - get an ICA Membership for FREE**!

It is instant savings from the time you sign up, no hidden costs, no smoke and mirrors.
— Adam Gooch, Corporate Executive Chef - Common Plea Catering – Pittsburgh, PA

SB Value Program Benefits Include:

  • Lower food and kitchen product costs

  • We negotiate directly with all the manufacturers so you get the best price every time you buy

  • No cost to join, no long term contracts

  • 100% flexibility to buy what you want, when you want

*Based on average $150,000/year food spend. Results vary by customer. Contact SB Value for a FREE market basket analysis to determine your potential cost savings. To qualify for one free ICA Annual Membership or one Renewal you have to qualify for the SB Value program, sign the LOP, be a new client and make one purchase through the program.

We’ve been with SB Value for over a year. Great program, awesome customer service, still can order from my specialty vendors so not locked in, definite cost savings. You really have nothing to definitely should try it!
— Robin Selden, Managing Partner and Executive Chef – Marcia Selden Catering & Events – Stamford, CT

Want a FREE ICA Membership ($340 value)?

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**To be eligible:

·      Caterer must not be a current member of the SBV program

·      Limited to one membership per catering company who qualifies

·      Limited to the first 50 caterers who complete a purchase through the program

·      This promotion does not cover vendors or vendor memberships

·      The caterer must be approved by SBV to join the program

·      A qualified purchase is $1,000 or greater through the SBV program

·      This cannot be combined with other offers or promotions



·      Caterer must submit NDA/receipts to SBV by March 15, 2019

·      Caterer must join (sign LOP) by April 15, 2019

·      Caterer must make first purchase by May 15, 2019