SB Value is a no-brainer, folks! We’re saving 19%.
— Meryl Snow, Catering and Special Event Speaker, Consultant

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If high food costs are on your mind, you're not alone.

In fact, what if you could join thousands of other caterers and culinary professionals that collectively spend $5 billion in kitchen and food items?

If you did, you'd get much better pricing...MUCH better. Historically our catering clients have realized, on average, 16-20% savings!

With SB Value, catering professionals receive:

  • Complete flexibility in purchasing decisions (unlike other purchasing programs!)

  • No long-term contracts or fees

  • Modest $350 drop minimum

  • Online ordering or personal service through your local representative

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We will pull together the information I need to determine what you could be saving.

-Clint Elkins

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