Event Catering: What Are the Latest Food Trends in Catering?

If you want to be the best caterers, you need to offer the most in-demand food. Here are the latest food trends in event catering that you should know about.

If you want to be the best caterers, you need to offer the most in-demand food. Here are the latest food trends in event catering that you should know about.

Did you know that 8 in 10 people watch cooking shows? If you're a caterer, this means you have to step your game up.

With more people enjoying restaurant-quality food at every meal, caterers need to create a memorable menu to grow their business.

If you want to know the latest event catering trends, keep reading to learn which foods you should incorporate into your menu.

Hottest Event Catering Trend: Healthy Is Happy

As society evolves, more consumers are becoming health-conscious. People are educating themselves on food labels and proper nutrition to feel and look their best.

Younger generations are adopting plant-based diets faster than ever before. If you want to keep up with food trends in catering, you need to offer several healthy options. A smoothie station, vegan foods, and superfood-infused dishes are sure to be a smash.

Wow your guests with light appetizers that use an array of herbs for flavor instead of tons of salt or oil. This will this warm up their palate and get them excited for the main course. But, it will also help them feel light and energized throughout the entire event!

Ethnic Catering Trends: Take Your Customers Around the World

If you want to create a theme for your event food, people love transporting to an exciting, new country.

Pick a location such as France, Thailand, or Mexico and prepare the most popular dishes from that cuisine. Make sure you start with drinks and take it all the way to dessert.

If you choose France, for example, you can balance your menu between decadence and fresh ingredients. Wine, bread, cheese, crepes, croissants, local fruits and vegetables, and indulgent dishes like Coq au Vin are all great options.

Italian fare is also appreciated due to the many creative options that come from this cuisine. Whether you're craving comfort food or something simple that has the freshest, healthiest ingredients, Italians know how to make stomachs happy!

Revitalize Catered Buffets with Live Stations

Buffets were a hit in previous decades, but they've become less popular in recent years. As a caterer, however, there are plenty of benefits to creating an appetizing buffet spread.

If you want to breathe new life into a buffet-style meal, consider setting up live cooking stations where guests can watch the food being prepared. Not only is it fun, but guests can feel reassured that their food is fresh and tasty.

If you really want to be a crowd pleaser, offering made-to-order foods can ensure each guest is taken care of. Your station doesn't have to be fancy either. A simple taco bar where guests can choose their toppings or an omelet bar with a good selection of fillings can go a long way.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Catering Business?

Staying up to date on all the current event catering trends is only one of the many tools you need to keep your business successful.

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