Top Podcasts for Caterers


For most of the country, busy season is upon us. Our calendars are filling up and clients are keeping us busy, but that doesn’t mean that your education needs to take a back burner. Continuing education is the key to business growth and you simply can’t afford to miss out when competitors are likely consuming new material. The industry is always changing and it’s up to you to keep up with it.

With that said, it’s completely understandable if you can’t make the time to attend an industry conference or tear through a stack of business books. Fortunately, even the busiest professional can accommodate several podcasts in their packed schedule. Not only do they provide quality learning lessons, but they also provide timely fodder about trends, news, and offbeat topics to impress others in networking situations.

Grab a set of earphones and tune into a few of these on your daily commute, in the gym or kitchen, or when you’re hustling around the offices. 

Food & Beverage Podcast Network

This new collection of podcasts from Food & Beverage Magazine compiles some really great podcasts about food and alcohol, and how these two essentials play an important role in cultures around the world. Fork on the Road is an especially popular podcast that is as fun to listen to as it is inspirational.

Bon Appétit Podcast

Another podcast from a renowned culinary magazine, Bon Appétit’s podcast explores everything from new cooking techniques to the opinions of top chefs from around the world. Every episode is well worth a listen and provides insider tips that can elevate your career to the next level. 

Burnt Toast

If you’re looking for a podcast that can make you laugh and give you an extra pep in your step, look no further than Burnt Toast. Learn about silly things like the worst food in White House history while also absorbing knowledge about things like food science and the history of your favorite ingredients. 


This podcast is for audiobook lovers because episodes aren’t fashioned around the typical interview-style podcast structure. Instead, influential chefs and culinary personalities get the floor to themselves, sharing their experiences in shaping today’s food landscape and getting into the details of how they’ve grown their careers in the kitchen.


BizBash’s podcast isn’t food-based, but it is a solid resource for getting the scoop on what’s happening in the special events industry. Culinary art is only one side of catering; the other side requires you to be up-to-date on design trends and how to grow a sustainable event business in an industry that is constantly evolving. Check out this podcast to learn all there is about the latest and greatest ideas in the industry.

Business Unveiled

This podcast from Angela Proffitt is chockfull of useful tips for event business owners, with a new industry guest sharing exclusive insight each week. She brings on creatives from all across the country to share their entrepreneurial experience to help others grow a business that is both productive and profitable. 

This Week in Weddings

The hosts of this podcast, Kimberly Rhodes and Annie Roche, have deemed their show “a support group for wedding industry entrepreneurs” and they hit it right on the mark. Weekly episodes share interviews with guests about growing a successful business and how to maintain one’s sanity in the process. Although this podcast is targeted at wedding professionals, guests come from in and out of the industry for a balanced and informative look at entrepreneurship in general.

The podcast format is unique, as it allows you to bring continuing education into your daily life without needing to sacrifice valuable time. It can be consumed in the background, just as we often do with news — however, this commitment ensures that you’re on top of everything there is to know in your industry.