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Special Events Blog - Mar 2019

Event Pros Share Goal-Setting Tips for Their Businesses

You hit what you aim for; four smart tips when setting goals for your event business.

SB Value contributor: Trip Wheeler

All Seated - Mar 2019

Catering Trends To Wow Event Guests

The pressure to not only keep up with trends but to also remain ahead of the curve can be difficult for caterers! Clint Elkins keeps you inspired and informed. - Mar 2019

Pricing and Maximizing Profit in the Catering Space

Developing pricing for your product and services in such a way that it generates sustainable profit is a multi-layered process for industry professionals in the catering world. So, how can we elevate profits to ensure that we’re getting the best ROI possible? Author Clint Elkins, VP of Sales. - Feb 2019

All The Wedding Food Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In 2019

Long gone are the days of knowing exactly what you're going to eat at every wedding you attend. Everyone from trend forecasters to planners to caterers agree the formulaic-ness of cocktail hours, dinners, and other wedding eats are behind us. Contributor: Trip Wheeler

Catering Magazine - Nov-Dec 2018

What’s popular and up-and-coming at wedding receptions?

To find out what’s popular and up-and-coming in food, décor and entertainment at wedding receptions, we asked a range of industry experts what they’re seeing. Here’s what they told us. President of SB Value, Trip Wheeler chimes in!

Total Party Planner - Jan 2019

Common Misconceptions of Purchasing Food

Now more than ever, we’re seeing a huge increase in food quality and education. But there can arise some common misconceptions of purchasing food. Article by SB Value’s President, Trip Wheeler.

All Seated - Jan 2019

Why You Want to Consider Your Food Before Creating Your Event Layout

There are a number of variables that factor into pulling off a seamless, well-orchestrated event. Article by SB Value’s VP of Sales, Clint Elkins.

Catersource - Feb 2019

Trends in Food & Beverage for 2019

2019 is the perfect opportunity to roll out fresh takes on what’s tried-and-true in the catering industry, and it’s a clean slate for those trends that we’re happy to see go…Clint Elkins explains!

Special Events Blog - Dec 2018

Event Pros Share How They Spread Cheer All Year Long

Special events happen all year long, and event pros are quick to spread holiday cheer every day of the year. Trip Wheeler, President of SB Value contributes to four examples.

Catersource - Dec 2018

Are You Selecting the Right Mix of Products?

SB Value's VP of Sales, Clint Elkins has compiled some tips to help caterers navigate the process of finding the best quality product for your money on Catersource's recent blog.

PHoto courtesy Mike B Photography –

PHoto courtesy Mike B Photography –

NACE Blog - Dec 2018

The Seasonality of Food

While the availability of food differs as the weather shifts, there are other ways to express these trends by way of ingredients and overall style. Article by Trip Wheeler, President SB Value for the NACE blog.

Catering Magazine - Nov-Dec 2018

How are couples choosing to add a sweet note to their wedding receptions?

How about some 'sweet talk'? SB Value’s Trip Wheeler contributes to Catering Magazine's article on the latest trends in cakes and wedding desserts.

Personal cakes from Charlotte Patisserie.

Personal cakes from Charlotte Patisserie.