Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Out with the old, in with the new. We’re shifting our focus to a clean slate as we ring in the new year, introducing 2019 as the era of innovative trends in food, beverage, and everything else in between.

Reminiscing with food and beverage

Nostalgia is reigning supreme within the food and beverage industry, touching on childhood favorites with adult twists. Clients are putting an emphasis on surprising guests with off-the-wall garnishes and snacks that unleash the inner child. Couples are looking to bring in fun elements into their wedding menu (think unexpected pairings such as rock candy and popsicles in alcoholic beverages), and even supplying creative snacks like cookies and milk for a late night pick-me-up.

In the same vein of desserts, it won’t be unusual to see the deconstructed cake display live on in 2019. With guests having so many different preferences and dietary restrictions, there’s an increased popularity in ditching the traditional statement cake and going all out for an array of cake layers with unique toppings and flavors.

Storytelling menus

Choosing locally grown and organic ingredients is still completely on-trend, but we’ll see couples really going more in-depth and playing with their food.

For those that consider food origin and backstory to be of extreme importance, these elements will come into play with overall presentation and delivery. Sentimental menus will become more widespread, utilizing first-date or otherwise significant dishes specific to the couple, or going for unexpected spices and ingredients for old favorites. Clients and guests alike love knowing where their food came from, so don’t be surprised if they request produce to be foraged from on-site where their venue is located.


Cocktail predictions

Art deco vibes are making a statement comeback with the sophistication of traditional champagne toasts – individual pours are on the way out, while Gatsby-inspired glass towers are on the way in. The more outlandish, the better!

Spring cocktails will be all about playful fruit garnishes, freshly squeezed juices, and out-of-the-box finishing touches like cotton candy.

Replacing old trends with these breaths of fresh air is a great way to show your clients that you’re ahead of the curve on what’s new for 2019! 

Clint Elkins is the VP of Sales of SB Value, a group purchasing program designed to reduce catering, kitchen and food-service costs by leveraging the collective buying power of thousands of companies.