Winter Reading & Listening List

For most of us, winter is the start of the off-season – a time when business slows down and we can finally take a breath after a busy year. While everyone certainly deserves a break, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take a break from continuing your education.

Doing so doesn’t require that you take a full-on educational course, just take advantage of resources that you have right at your fingertips. Think podcasts, books (both audio and hardcover), or webinars, all of which are extremely accessible whether you’re at home or traveling. We rely on convenience and value, and these are all great outlets to keep us in check and hold us accountable when it comes to setting goals for the new year. What better time to get inspired and evaluate your career and personal growth?

Industry content is always an amazing resource. Staying on top of trends and news is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business. Here are just a few of our reading and listening picks:

·      Special Events

·      Catersource

·      Catering Magazine

·      Food & Wine

·      Bon Appetit Podcast

·      Gravy Podcast

·      The Food Revolt Podcast

That being said, one of the biggest misconceptions and deterrents is the pressure that you need to be listening and reading to materials that are relevant to your industry, or strictly within the realm of food and beverage. If reading up on spices and preventing food waste isn’t exactly your idea of light winter fun, don’t be afraid to branch out into other areas of what continuing education means to you. This could be anywhere from self-help books, entrepreneurial podcasts, or webinars aimed to boost your productivity.

Some of our non-industry related favorites:

·      Creative Empire Podcast

·      Office Talk Podcast

·      The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

No one expects you to work tirelessly, but inserting these small additions into your winter downtime can make for huge results in the coming year. Investing in yourself is the first step to making positive adjustments in your career and personal life!